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One Blessed Day  The general feel is laid back and soulful, yet immensely exciting. The music can be described as simmering, an analogy drawn from the cooking terminology to describe water as it approaches the boiling point. Similarly, here the temperature steadily rises as the music reaches that emotional climax where it starts to boil, only to simmer and boil yet again. The end result is a recording where the music has groove and swing, and most importantly, creates great passion.

The tunes presented range from popular classics like "Bridge Over Troubled Water" to benchmark standards such as "Giant Steps". And while the arrangements are very clever, they are also accessible to both the fellow musician and the novice listener. To me, this represents a complete package.

Simply put, the rhythm section is marvelous. They provide an under-pinning that can only happen when truly sensitive individuals fuse their collective energy at the highest level. What you hear are three masters of art accompanying in addition to improvising.

- Bunky Green

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